Alpha Xi Delta

Delta Sigma at Ferris State University

Letter From Alumnae

Have Courage. Be Gracious. Make Peace.

 I was 19 when I first heard these six words. I was chosen to attend the Founder’s Academy in Atlanta, Georgia, after just a short time being a member in the Delta Sigma Chapter of Alpha Xi Delta at Ferris State University.  Attending this conference paved the path I wanted to lead during my next three years in college and taught me so much about the organization I had joined just under a year ago. Little did I know, those six words would forever be carried with me.

By joining Alpha Xi Delta, it became easier to be courageous and step outside of my comfort zone because I had a group of women encouraging me and telling me, “I believe in you.” I felt gracious to be a part of something that strives to help women realize their full potential and began to feel at peace because I was surrounded by women who pushed me to be the best version of myself.

 Alpha Xi Delta was more than just a “home away from home” for me throughout my college years. It was a constant in my life when everything seemed to be changing. It encouraged me to be the best version of myself and brought out many qualities in myself that had been suppressed.  I felt as though I always had ‘something’ to rely on and ALWAYS had a sister(s) to fall on. I had 50 plus women to inspire me on a daily basis and found several individuals who I was thankful to call role models in my life. I found myself growing into a confident and independent woman, who aspired to achieve so much. Alpha Xi Delta helped me to pursue many personal and professional goals.  

Though my time as an active sister has come to an end, I feel that Alpha Xi Delta is and always will be a part of me.  In many ways the organization prepared me for my life after graduation. I learned to be a confidant to others, to be a leader, and to be responsible and dependable. It gave me friendships that I would be lost without and bridesmaids to stand next to me on my big day. My most cherished memories of college are those times spent with my sisters, and there aren’t enough words to thank Alpha Xi Delta for what it gave me and who it made me become.

Looking back on my time as an active member, I can’t help but wish I had more time. The best advice I can offer active members, new members, and even potential new members is to relish your time in the sorority. Take in all that it has to offer, and take advantage of the countless opportunities that come with it. Cherish the moments and experiences you have, they will be with you for a lifetime. Before you know it your time as an active member will pass and you will find yourself deeply missing the precious time with your sisters.


Briana Mumby